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You’ve come a long way baby……….

I was going through my stored digital images and went back to my first digital photos. My first digital camera was, like my current ones, made by Olympus.

It’s fascinating to compare a few specifications of that one C960Z ( a fixed 3x zoom lens) with the EM1 Mk2 that I now use:-

Modes Auto Iauto/P/A/S/M/Custom x 3/Video/Art

Shutter Speed 1/2 – 1/1000 sec 60 – 1/32000 sec

ISO range 125, 250, 500 64 – 256,000

Megapixel count 1.3 20 + High Resolution 80mp

There’s the old saying that “the best camera is the one that you have with you.” This was certainly my best camera for the early days of digital, and apart from precious family shots there a few which, in my view, still are acceptable today:-

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