Debs, Ben & (St) Paul

It was my very great privilege and honour to to be asked to photograph my friends wedding at a venue I am unlikely (though never say never) to shoot at again – St Pauls Cathedral.

Debs was able to get married here as her father was awarded an OBE and any recipients offspring are entitled to get married in the dedicated chapel.

Photographically there were a few things that I needed to consider. Firstly time frame, I was on a very tight schedule, more so than with other weddings I’ve shot, and needed to move quickly! Secondly there were the restrictions on when, and where from, during the service you are able to take photos, and St Paul’s are very strict on this. Finally because the chapel is below ground, in the crypt, the light is not great so you need to adjust your camera settings accordingly.

As with any wedding, as a photographer you are aiming to capture both the traditional special, and the more candid, moments:-

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