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Giggity, giggity…..

Going to gigs has been a regular occurance since my teenage years, although being based where I am now, I don’t go as often as I like. It’s great to combine my love of music with my other passion, photography and wherever possible I take my little Olympus Pen-F camera and usually 75mm and 12-40mm lenses. I compose and shoot in B&W to cater for all the light variables at gigs (and because I think it suits that genre of photography, if I’m honest)

I shoot with an ISO of between 3200 and 500 with the lens wide open to get a fast a hutter speed as possible, normally in aperture mode but if lighting conditions are tricky, I’ll switch to shutter mode and bring out the subject in post processing.

Glasgow has a series of concerts every year called Celtic Connections, and invariably there are some excellent gigs, with some superb musicians, in a variety of venues – from the major concert halls to smaller more intimate clubs and bars. This year I have been to four and these are some of the shots taken:-

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