Better View Saul

One of the major benefits of doing a photography degree is discovering new photographers you were either unfamiliar with, or were completely unknown to you.

Such a one was Saul Leiter an American photographer rightly famous for his colour photos in the 50’s and 60’s bringing a painters aesthetic to colour photography. Its fascinating how often he comes up either in conversation or in my mind when looking other peoples work, where colour has been used sparingly – but to great effect. Rest assured, that if I ever say something you have done is Leiter-esque it is high praise indeed.

There’s a lovely documentary on him:- “In No Great Hurry – 13 Lessons In Life With Saul Leiter” which is well worth a watch.

My favourite image by him? Wells it’s a tricky one but the shot of Soames Bantry, Nova. It can be seen in this article:- https://www.ft.com/content/4b377776-b3ef-11e5-8358-9a82b43f6b2f but do have a look at his other images as well.

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