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Rework, re-edit……

Like most photographers I go back over my catalogue from time to time. This is in part housekeeping, whittling down unwanted images (do I really need 12 versions of that?) and part re appraisal.

What is often the case is that some of the older photos can be looked at afresh with the benefit of new editing software introduced since they were taken or last looked at.

One recent example is this shot from a Photo24 event I attended in 2014. it was an early morning shot of Oxford Street taken before the paths become totally congested with people.

Here’s the original RAW shot with no adjustments made:-

Here’s the recently edited version of it. I’m not necessarily saying its better but it serves to illustrate the ability of software (in this case Lightroom) to get more out of an image, and is, in my view, a reminder as to why you should always shoot RAW to retain the most information you can – you never know what you might be able to do with it in the future.

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